About Interdisciplinary Studies (IS)

What is Interdisciplinary Studies (IS)?

The IS program offers interdisciplinary and international classes in a wide variety of subject areas, from applied practice in media arts and technologies; to the study of social, cultural, political, and ethical issues involved in science and technology; to courses that examine world cultures. Many IS classes satisfy university general education and breadth requirements.

Humanities and Interdisciplinary

Although the Interdisciplinary Studies program seems fairly new, it has existed for years. Before reflecting a more interdisciplinary outlook, the Interdisciplinary Studies program was known as Cal Poly's Humanities program.

Interdisciplinary Studies in Liberal Arts Major

In Winter 2019, The College of Liberal Arts will begin accepting candidates into the IS major.  The BA program in Interdisciplinary Studies will offer students the opportunity to tackle the wicked problems and global challenges we face today.  As part of the major, students select one of seven emphasis areas to help focus their work and empower them to change the world.

STS Minor Programs

IS also offers four interdisciplinary Science, Technology and Society (STS) minors:

  • Ethics, Public Policy, Science and Technology 
  • Gender, Race, Culture, Science and Technology
  • Media Arts, Society and Technology 
  • Science and Risk Communication 

These STS minors are available to students throughout the University, regardless of their technical backgrounds. Learn more about STS. 


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