Faculty Office Hours

Tentative Course Offerings AY22-23

Schedule is very tentative and subject to change. Check back often for updates. 








ISLA 123 Introduction to Science, Technology & Society X X X   STAFF
ISLA 201 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies X X     STAFF
ISLA 240 Introduction to Media Arts and Technologies     X   Bates; STAFF
ISLA 303 Values and Technology X X X   Adams; Bates; Attebery; Beck  Moon; Ryalls; STAFF
ISLA 305 Topics in Public Engagements with STEM   X     Kirby; STAFF
ISLA 320 Topics and Issues in Values, Media and Culture X   X   Attebery; STAFF
ISLA 340 Media Arts and Technologies: Storytelling X X X   Barros
ISLA 341 Media Arts and Technologies: Cinematic Process   X X   Barros
ISLA 350 The Global Environment       X Neill
ISLA 355 Interdisciplinary Research Methods X X     Neill
ISLA 393 Action-oriented Ethnography     TBD   STAFF
ISLA 400 Independent Study Project X X X   STAFF
ISLA 440 Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar   X     STAFF
ISLA 456 Advanced Project-Based Learning in Science, Tech & Soc   X X   Lappe
ISLA 461 Senior Project   X X   STAFF


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